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Get to Know the 2018 Ford Mustang

2018 ford mustang
People don’t drive Mustangs just so that they can get to work or take the family out for ice cream. They drive them because they provide high performance and look cool at the same time. The 2018 Mustang ups the game in both departments. That's right - Ford has taken... [read more]

Grab a Donut at all of these Shops on National Donut Day!

National Donut Day Bedford
Today is one of the tastiest days of the year, and Bedford residents should get ready to celebrate! That's right, June 2nd is National Donut Day, a day we have an excuse to consume this delicious delicacy to our heart's delight. Donut Day first began many years ago as a fundraiser... [read more]

Celebrate National Go Barefoot Day This Year

National Go Barefoot Day Bedford
National Go Barefoot Day is a quirky holiday that comes around on June 1st. Just as its name says, this is the day you kick off your shoes and go barefoot. This holiday was started by the Soles4Souls organization after the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami disaster of December 26th,... [read more]

A Sneak Peek into the 2018 Ford Expedition

2018 Ford Expedition
You’re well into 2017, and you know what that means: Ford is ready to give you the scoop on some of the 2018 models. Its latest announcement was about the 2018 Ford Expedition, which will be released later this year. It promises to be one of the most exciting Expeditions... [read more]

Follow These Tips to Get Better Rest During Sleep

Woman getting better rest while sleeping
Do you feel drained during the day? It seems that no matter what you do, you never feel rested when you wake up in the morning. Maybe your sleep quality is poor, or maybe you have trouble falling asleep. Well, you can fix this problem by following some simple tips.... [read more]

Attend the Beautiful Bedford Art Show and Gala Auction

Artist painting with a fine paintbrush
If you love Bedford County, the Beautiful Bedford Art Show and Gala Auction is perfect for you. This event will take place at the Bower Center for the Arts on May 2nd-5th and will showcase art that is based on subjects and locations that are in the county. All of... [read more]

2017 Ford Fusion Named Best Family Sedan

2017 ford fusion
You want the best sedan for your family. You know that the right vehicle will be fun for drivers and passengers, and it will be packed with features. With that in mind, check out the 2017 Ford Fusion. The car won the Motorweek Drivers’ Choice award for the Best Family... [read more]

Keep Bedford Beautiful at These Cleanup Events for Earth Day

Earth Day
This Earth Day there are a lot of ways you can keep Bedford beautiful and clean. Come out to any of the clean-up events and show your support and care for your community that it deserves. There are projects throughout the year that help keep Bedford beautiful, and there are... [read more]

Unique and Interesting Places to Visit in Bedford

Interesting Places Bedford
Bedford is a great place to live and has a lot to do, but it also has a lot to offer that you may not know about. If you live in or nearby, you should check out these locations to truly appreciate all the city has to offer. Visit any... [read more]