Step Into a Mystery Event this January

Step Into a Mystery Event Peaks of Otter Bedford.
Don’t let the chill of a January winter stop you from getting out an enjoying a one a kind opportunity for excitement, intrigue, and unique taste. Imagine having a great outing for your adult friends and loved ones. In fact, customers have that option with the Peaks of Otter Winery & Orchard on January 6th & 7th, at 6pm to 10pm. The winery will host a day event in the Bedford, Va local area like never before. This event is a great place to be in January for couples that want to snuggle up and be creative together.

The Step Into Mystery Event

This mystery event involves you playing detective and solving a crime. Guests are given clues and must distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. It is a famous Beale Treasure themed event that allows you and your love ones to gather clues and solve the mystery. Will you be able to determine who committed the crime after you’re given all of the facts? They encourage a social event that requires you to question individuals in search of clues and answers. Surprisingly, you’re encouraged to bribe and blackmail people along the way for answers. This is scheduled to be a fun event that will get you beyond the winter blast of most January months.

Step Into a Mystery Event Peaks of Otter Bedford

You’re invited to come out and enjoy the excitement and intrigue of the mystery event. You’ll have hours of fun trying to figure out who solved the crime. Entry requires a ticket purchase from the Peaks of Otter Winery & Orchard official website and you can also get more details on the event. Come out and enjoy yourself solving the mystery this winter in Bedford, VA.