Celebrate National Go Barefoot Day This Year

National Barefoot Day Bedford

National Go Barefoot Day is a quirky holiday that comes around on June 1st. Just as its name says, this is the day you kick off your shoes and go barefoot. This holiday was started by the Soles4Souls organization after the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami disaster of December 26th, 2004. This occurrence is one of the worst natural disasters ever experienced in recorded history, with an estimated life loss of 230,000–280,000 people in 14 countries. It is the dire plight of the affected people in these countries that prompted a wave of humanitarian responses, and Soles4Souls was one of them.

Helping Soles4Souls

It’s easy for you to get involved and contribute toward this cause. For instance, you can give items that you already own. This is the ideal time to carry out a spring cleaning of your closet and donate some of your gently worn shoes. You can also purchase and donate new shoes if you choose. Additionally, encourage others to join in by utilizing social media to promote this charitable cause. Use the #GoBarefootDay hashtag to post on social media for online support. Individuals who live in the closely-knit community can even organize a shoe drive! Determine a place to collect the shoes, publicize the event, and hand over all that you collect towards this charity.

How to Celebrate Barefoot Day

Kick off your shoes and let your feet enjoy the cool air running through them! National Go Barefoot Day is the perfect opportunity to run through the grass barefoot or take a walk along the beach. You can celebrate this holiday no matter where you are. Find a way to go out and have a no-shoe day, or you can even spend a couple of hours barefoot at home. If you happen to be at work, maybe you can kick off your shoes beneath your desk when your boss is not looking! Do not forget to pamper your feet by getting a relaxing pedicure.

Here at Berglund Ford of Bedford, we proudly support this cause. Since the start of this holiday, Soles4Souls set out to have people across the country support the victims of the earthquake and tsunami by donating shoes. Since then, shoe donations have continued to flow to various charities and people affected by other natural disasters. Hundreds of millions of shoes have been donated worldwide and continue to reach those in less fortunate circumstances. So, while you enjoy celebrating this holiday by going barefoot in the nice warm weather, remember why this holiday exists. You may be able to help so many people that need shoes year round!