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The Numerous Ways to Customize Your GMC Canyon

GMC Canyon
The GMC Canyon is the perfect size to offer a bit of everything. It is small enough to maneuver around Bedford and get good enough fuel economy for daily driving. At the same time, it is capable enough to tow whatever you need and deliver power when you need it.... [read more]

Which GMC Denali Versions Are Available?

GMC Denali
For Virginia drivers who want the most luxurious and capable GMCs available, the Denali models are well worth your consideration. These versions of popular GMCs cost a bit more but have higher-quality materials, extra features, and more powerful engines. They essentially take already great GMCs to the next level with... [read more]

Why You’ll Want the 2017 GMC Canyon

2017 GMC Canyon Bedford
The 2017 GMC Canyon is an appealing option for Bedford drivers who want the capabilities of a pickup truck but don’t need the power or truck bed space of a full-size model. As a midsize pickup, the Canyon can work for you, towing and hauling with ease. However, it is... [read more]

Get Even More Power from the 2017 GMC Canyon

2017 GMC Canyon Bedford
If you already love the GMC Canyon pickup truck, get ready for even more power in the latest version. The 2017 GMC Canyon will have a new V6 engine that is familiar for Bedford drivers who like Cadillac vehicles. In addition to the increase in power, GMC is adding two... [read more]