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Get to Know the 2018 Ford Mustang

2018 ford mustang
People don’t drive Mustangs just so that they can get to work or take the family out for ice cream. They drive them because they provide high performance and look cool at the same time. The 2018 Mustang ups the game in both departments. That's right - Ford has taken... [read more]

Doc’McCabe 21st Annual Memorial Bluegrass Festival

Bluegrass Festival Bedford
Appalachia folk music, known as Bluegrass, established its roots in America when the early settlers from the British Isles found their new homes in these mountains. Some time later, African Americans added a jazz influence. There's no better place to enjoy the sounds of this music than in the Appalachia... [read more]

Applesauce Cake Recipes For Applesauce Cake Day

Applesauce Cake Day Bedford
Put on your eatin' pants and jump into Applesauce Cake Day! This delicious holiday is observed on the 6th of June of each year. This day is made just for those hungry citizens of Bedford, Virginia. These cakes have been a desired treat to the Bedford, Virginia citizens since the... [read more]

Honor Troops of the Past on the 73rd Anniversary of D-Day

D-Day Anniversary Bedford
Bedford, Virginia is home to one of the biggest remembrance celebrations in America, memorializing one of the most significant days in World War II history, D-Day. Bedford is home to the National D-Day Museum, and they will be commemorating this anniversary on June 6th, allowing attendees to Pay tribute to those... [read more]

Grab a Donut at all of these Shops on National Donut Day!

National Donut Day Bedford
Today is one of the tastiest days of the year, and Bedford residents should get ready to celebrate! That's right, June 2nd is National Donut Day, a day we have an excuse to consume this delicious delicacy to our heart's delight. Donut Day first began many years ago as a fundraiser... [read more]

Don’t Miss the Sedalia Center Artisan Fair

Sedalia Center Artisan Fair Bedford
If you are looking for an outdoor event to attend this June, be sure to include the Sedalia Center Artisan Fair located in Bedford County, Virginia. The Sedalia Center is locally known for its outstanding outdoor events. The Sedalia Center - "for the art of living and the living arts" Founded by... [read more]

Celebrate National Go Barefoot Day This Year

National Go Barefoot Day Bedford
National Go Barefoot Day is a quirky holiday that comes around on June 1st. Just as its name says, this is the day you kick off your shoes and go barefoot. This holiday was started by the Soles4Souls organization after the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami disaster of December 26th,... [read more]