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What the Rear Spoiler on Your Ford Mustang Does

rear spoiler
Multiple Ford models have rear spoilers, but the Mustang is perhaps the one that everyone knows will have one of these exterior features. While you expect to find a rear spoiler on a sports car like the Mustang, that doesn’t mean you know exactly why it is there. Most people... [read more]

The Numerous Ways to Customize Your GMC Canyon

GMC Canyon
The GMC Canyon is the perfect size to offer a bit of everything. It is small enough to maneuver around Bedford and get good enough fuel economy for daily driving. At the same time, it is capable enough to tow whatever you need and deliver power when you need it.... [read more]

Ford is Working with BlackBerry to Create Autonomous Cars

Ford is Working with BlackBerry to Create Autonomous Cars
In today’s world, autonomous driving seems to be the goal of nearly every single automaker, and everyone is going about it differently. To help work toward this goal, Ford is teaming up with BlackBerry, a company best known for its cell phones. Since creating an autonomous driving experience requires a... [read more]

Which GMC Denali Versions Are Available?

GMC Denali
For Virginia drivers who want the most luxurious and capable GMCs available, the Denali models are well worth your consideration. These versions of popular GMCs cost a bit more but have higher-quality materials, extra features, and more powerful engines. They essentially take already great GMCs to the next level with... [read more]

The Chinese Buick Avenir Gives a Hint of What’s to Come

Buick Avenir
The United States isn’t always the first country to get a new model or even a new sub-brand, as shown by the Buick Avenir sub-brand, which is debuting in China. While this sub-brand isn’t available in America yet and there aren’t any concrete plans for it to make its way... [read more]

Get Ready for the Annual Spring Gala

Annual Gala Dowtown Bedford
Honoring the beauty of spring, Bedford has a yearly celebration. They've thrown this annual gala for twenty-five years now and it is a magical place to visit. With tons of things to see and do, there is fun stuff for all age groups. It helps to bring everyone in the... [read more]

What to Know About Insuring That Classic Ford

Classic Ford
No matter the type of Ford that you drive, you need to have insurance on it in case you are in an accident. While insurance is important on any model, it can become a bit more complicated on classic Fords, particularly those that are considered collectibles. If you are about... [read more]

Looking Forward to the 2017 Season at the Farmers Market

2017 Farmers Market Bedford
Winter is almost over, and it's time to start looking forward to spring. With Spring, comes all the fresh foods that are scarce and more expensive during the Winter. Every year I look forward to the Bedford Farmers Market, the fresh produce is better than what I can get at... [read more]

How the Heating System in Your Buick Works

buick heating system
All modern vehicles, including your Buick, have a design that lets fresh air flow through it and regulates the temperature of the vehicle. This way you can have a nice interior environment with fresh air while your Buick’s windows are closed. In the winter, the engine can heat up the... [read more]

Own a Ford GT? Share Your Track Stats with This App

Ford GT
Owners of the Ford GT tend to choose this particular model because they enjoy the thrills of racing and want to push their vehicle to its limits. If you are one of those drivers, then you will truly appreciate the new performance app that lets you track and share your... [read more]